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Reduce your environmental risk Sourcing the best methods for our environment Resource-One was founded in March of 2000 with the aim of being our customers' one source for all their environmental and waste management needs and help reduce EPA risk. In January of 2020 Resource-One became part of the SES family of companies to provide even more environmental solutions for its valued customers Mission & Vision MISSION R1’s mission is to source and provide the best methods for handling materials and waste in an environmentally-friendly way that will create a better planet for future generations. We are committed to lowering EPA risk, working towards a goal of zero-landfill, and making our customer look good. By providing world class customer service and tailored programs, we generate value for our shareholders and assist our customers with their sustainability and environmental goals. VISION Resource-One is committed to being recognized as the premier provider of the best and most user-friendly programs for environmental solutions. We will continually innovate, operate safely and in total compliance, and set the industry standard for customer satisfaction and service customization. R1 COMPANY VALUES We create long-term customer loyalty and value by exemplifying these values every day. Safety and Compliance: We partner with companies such as Total Compliance to ensure all DOT, EPA, OSHA, etc. standards are being followed at all times and that we operate in a manner that is safe for our employees, customers, and the environment. Customer Satisfaction: We strive to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction at all times by being responsive in a timely manner, offering customization of our services and programs, and going above and beyond for our customers. Financial Performance: We seek to source the best value for services and deliver programs through budget management, providing detailed feedback reports for all of our customers on a consistent basis. Community Involvement Giving Back Giving back is an important element of our corporate philosophy and we dedicate many resources and our employees donate multiple hours to help support many community organizations. We implement recycling programs and environmental stewardship education at local schools as well as contribute to school activities including sports team sponsorships. We donate space to Habitat for Humanity, and participate in fundraising events for Sisters of Divine Providence, The American Heart Association and other local non-profit organizations. But we are most proud of our efforts to support the thriving, effective and well-respected social service organization InRETURN. InRETURN Resource-One proudly supports and participates in all activities, fundraisers and operations with InRETURN, a non-profit organization started by Resource-One co-founder Rob Groeschen. Read the Wall Street Journal article HERE on how Rob decided to help his brother, Tom, after a traumatic brain injury. InRETURN enriches the lives of individuals who have suffered a neurological injury, disease or disorder by promoting independent living and personal success through life and job skills training. Associates are given the opportunity to return to a more normal life by learning to do single step, manageable tasks through job adaptations. Learn more at www.inreturn.org. Download InRETURN Volunteer Forms. FAQs You may be checking out our site and asking how all this works for YOU – Here are some frequently asked questions you might want answered as well. Watch these short clips from our experienced staff here at Resource-One to see how we can help YOU look good! FAQ #2- Companies ask, “How do you help us reduce our haz-waste and EPA generator status?” Video Player 00:00 01:08 Environmental Specialist, Cassi, shares how we can help YOUR company be Zero-Landfill: First, we provide specialized services by our Environmental Specialist Team. We source the best options and find homes for your materials that are alternatives to landfill, moving you up the EPA Hierarchy. Through partners like the non-profit, InRETURN, that use excess diaper material and turn it into industrial absorbents and recycled car headliners and convert them into eco-friendly packing materials and even dog beds! As a last resort, any materials that can’t be reused or recycled go to our Waste-to-Energy (WTE) Program where it is processed, generates steam, and helps power a large, metropolitan city. About half of our customers are now Zero-Landfill, so we can do this for you if it’s one of your goals! FAQ #3 – Companies ask, “What do you REALLY do?” Video Player 00:00 01:11 Resource-One Co-Founder, Rob, shares how we can help YOU reduce your Hazardous Waste & EPA Generator Status: First, we look at your hazardous waste streams – the goal is to take it as a product not a waste (hazardous material is VERY different than haz-waste) For example, solvents from cleaning processes can be reused Only thing that changes for you with us is the label Then, we look at any exemptions to your haz-waste streams As an example, we have programs to reuse your rags that would normally go out as haz-waste where they are now reused as a product All these ways – and more – reduce your EPA generator status and reduce the scrutiny of the EPA on your operations We helped one company go from being a Large Quantity Generator (LQG) to a Small Quantity Generator (SQG) with the EPA in just one year!!! We would love to show you how we can do this for you. Environmental Specialist, Billy, shares what we REALLY do and how we’re set apart: We help reduce environmental risk and help achieve goals of zero-landfill We are a one-stop, one-source provider of all your reuse/recycling needs We provide monthly tracking feedback reports and storage labels/containers that are all customized and tailored to YOUR needs We have a very high customer satisfaction rate, and we can’t wait to help YOU with our easy, simple, and user-friendly programs as well! Cusotmer Testimonials ITW Evercoat on Why They Love Resource-One “R1 has helped our department develop an excel spreadsheet to report all of our waste in a corporate metric system. We love Resource-One because of their commitment.” Megan S., Environmental Regulatory Specialist, ITW FibreGlass Evercoat, Cincinnati, Ohio “Great Customer Service that Always Comes with a Smile!” “R1 has taken on, then took over, recycling on-site. I can’t wait to see what kind of services they will be providing us in 5 years! We love Resource-One because of it feeling just like dealing with a family, the laughs, business talks, and most of all the comfort with the company and their services.” Danielle H., EHS Specialist II, Alkermes Pharmaceutical, Wilmington, Ohio Services Our Process Hands on From Start to Finish At Resource-One our goal is to be your one source management team for recycling programs and environmental services. To meet that goal we developed a process as simple as our Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle methodology – Assess, Plan, and Implement. This three-phased approach allows us to create the best plan to help your facility minimize its overall environmental impact and strive for the Zero Waste goal. Assessment: Getting to know you and your facility It is much easier to assess the needs of a facility in-person, instead of over the phone. An in-person visit allows us to gain a better understanding of what is being done, what could be done better, and what isn’t being done at all. Our goal is to be incredibly thorough to ensure we provide you with the best, most comprehensive service possible. This begins with our assessment phase, where we pay you and your facility a personal visit. During the visit, we will evaluate your operations down to the last detail: we look at what you are producing, how efficiently it is produced, and the amount of waste generated as a result. g_facility Planning: Putting it all on paper After completing our extensive walk-through of your plant, we compile all of the information gathered, review it, and evaluate how best we can meet the needs of your facility. When it comes to providing the most superior service possible, we make sure to leave no stone unturned; we go step-by-step through your process and identify areas in which to create environmental programs. We consider the more obvious plans, such as office paper, cardboard, and plastics, as well as those that are often forgotten: rags, wipers, solvents, and batteries. Once we have weighed all of the options, we customize a plan molded specifically to the needs of you and your plant. g_plan Implementation: Let us do that for you We understand that facility management is incredibly time-consuming, and implementing environmental programs can add to your workload – that’s why we pride ourselves on being your one source management team. Resource-One will set up programs onsite and handle the removal of items to meet your daily needs. We will also provide timely, comprehensive tracking reports and user-friendly monthly feedback to benchmark and measure program success over time, as well as make on-going recommendations for continued improvement of implemented programs. g_recylingBins Zero Waste More than a Buzz Word resource one recycling zero landfillZero waste. Zero landfill. Lower carbon footprint. Green initiatives. For many companies these are just buzz words, but at Resource-One these words are our driving force and inspired our goal to help companies reduce their environmental risk and exposure by offering the best reuse/recycling programs. Our goal of helping companies gain greater environmental control lead us to develop our 4R philosophy: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Rethink The first, and possibly most important, step of attaining the Zero Waste goal is to rethink how you, your plant, and your employees approach waste. We do this through: Assessment and planning: By meeting with you and touring your facility we can begin to help you stop seeing something as waste and begin to see it as a by-product. Employee Awareness Programs: Through the use of visual aides (signs, banners, labels, etc.) we enhance internal communication and improve awareness of reuse/recycle programs – leading to greater adoption and increased program success. Reduce It is important to think outside of the box a little when it comes to waste reduction. After all, the easiest way to reduce waste is by not creating it at all. By minimizing the amount of product used, you are doing so much more than limiting physical waste. Making a product requires raw materials, energy and transportation – each of these have a significant impact on the earth, which can be minimized by reducing usage. Reuse Similar to reducing usage, reusing a product or item is a very effective way to save natural resources in a financially and environmentally-responsible way. Items can be reused in the samefunction as before, or you can maximize the life of products through one of the many alternative use programs that exist today – you would be shocked with how many different products can be repurposed for another use. Recycle Recycling grants a new lease of life to materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash. Besides being a very useful process, recycling can have a hugely positive impact on your community, and the environment in general. By choosing to recycle, you can reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators, prevent pollution, conserve natural resources, and sustain the environment for future generations. 4Rs Rethink Reduce Reuse Recycle img

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