Food and Beverage

SES is partnered with many companies across the entire spectrum of the food and beverage industry; from the growing and processing of crops, to the shipping and storage of the finished products. We carefully evaluate the requirements and needs of each partner we work with to ensure that we provide exactly what they need to get the job done right.

Below are some examples of the types of work that we do for each industry segment. This is not a complete list, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any cleaning or plant outage needs that you may have.


Crops, Agriculture, and Grain Milling

Elevator Lag Pits and Dump Pits

We can vacuum out and clean your elevator lag pits and dump pits.

Tank Cleanings

We can clean your grain bins, tanks with steam coils or agitators, product tanks, crude oil bottoms/tanks, and other types of tanks that you have at your facility.

Silo Cleanings

Normally, we open up the bottom of the silos with a high pressure water blaster or compressed air. After entrance to the silo has been opened, we vacuum out and clean the rest of the silo. Each silo is different, and we take a unique approach depending on your circumstances.

Food and Beverage Production


Depending on the type of dryer you have, we may be able to use our automated tooling to clean these items. If not, our crews can waterblast and vacuum out the dryers.


We scrape them out, and then use dry ice blasting machines to finish in order to provide a deeper and more sanitary clean.

Ovens and Roaster Cleaning

We hand scrape most oven and roaster systems. The waste is managed, and we can either remove it for you or leave it on site.

Silo and Bin Cleaning

We can dry clean your silos and bins if necessary using vacuum trucks and personnel. We can also use air lances and brushes to clean it from top to bottom.

Waste Water Treatment Cleaning and Disposal

If your plant has its own waste water treatment plant, we can clean your clarifiers, and vac out any waste that needs to be disposed of. We can manage the disposal of your waste as well.

General Tank Cleaning

Our vacuum trucks, waterblasters, and automated equipment can clean all tanks that you might have at your facility. We are hazmat certified, and can handle both non-regulated and regulated products.

Storm and Sanitary Drain Lines

We have numerous jet vac combo units, and these are very useful for cleaning storm and sanitary drain lines.

Heat Exchangers

Using advanced automated equipment, we use high pressure water to clean each hole in your heat exchanger.