Environmental Services


Environmental Services Division (formerly Resource-One) was founded with the aim of being our customers’ one source for all their environmental and waste management needs and help reduce EPA risk.


SES Environmental Services offers:
  • RCRA Exclusion Programs – Helping to reduce EPA Risk and Generator Status
  • User-Friendly Services – Simplified Processes Designed to Improve Efficiencies for Our Clients.
  • One Source Vendor – Hazardous Waste, Recycling, Zero Landfill, Supplies, Bulk Transport, Equipment Rentals, Compliance Training and more.
  • Dedicated Experienced Service Team – Strategic Account Managers, Profile Specialists, Lab pack Chemists, Compliance Managers and many more.
  • Monthly Reporting for Accurate and Controlled Record Keeping



Zero Waste, More Than a Buzz Word

Zero waste. Zero landfill. Lower carbon footprint. Green initiatives. For many companies these are just buzz words, but at SES Environmental Services, formerly Resource-One these words are our driving force and inspired our goal to help companies meeting or exceed environmental goals by offering the best reuse/recycling programs.

Our goal of helping companies gain greater environmental control led us to develop our 4R philosophy: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

The premier provider of the best programs for environmental solutions