Product Destruction


When products are recalled and needed to be securely disposed of, Superior Environmental Solutions Environmental Services, formerly Resource-One has been recognized as the best in product destruction and air bag disassembly, shredding, and recycling in the United States.

Our secure facility in Covington, Ohio has both EPA and ATF permits, and our air bag program has had the backing Ohio EPA director, since its inception in 2017.

Utilizing the “4Rs” as our guiding focus: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. We are constantly rethinking how we can find better ways of handling customers’ materials and doing it with the best methods available for our environment. The product destruction side of our business was born out of this passion for innovation and delivering ultimate customer satisfaction and service customization.

Here are some of our applications for Brand Security/ Product Destruction:
  • Expired/outdated goods
  • Last year’s products
  • Consumer appliances and electronics
  • E-Scrap Recycling: low value, high volume products
  • Medical Waste
  • Plastics scrap
  • …and many more.

We have been recognized with numerous awards from major manufacturers over the years and been featured in publications such as Recycling Today.

Reputation built on Integrity

ES Environmental Services Product Destruction has built our reputation on integrity. You can trust that your scrap will all go to its destination securely and as promised, whether that is through verified certificates of destruction, witness destroy, or other protective methods. Our highest priorities are safety and protecting the integrity of our customers’ scrap.

As an ATF-regulated site, our Covington, OH warehouse is one of the most secure you will find. Our property and warehouse are under video surveillance 24/7.

All your materials are tracked for feedback reporting and discussed in a transparent and detailed way at periodic customer meetings.