Transportation and Waste Disposal


While some facilities are capable of managing their industrial waste on-site, many industrial cleaning projects require the waste that is generated to be properly transported and disposed off-site. SES, Inc. is licensed to transport and dispose of Non-DOT/RCRA regulated wastes, and we are also licensed to transport and dispose of Hazardous waste materials.

We have an extensive fleet of vacuum trucks and tankers, roll-off trucks, roll-off boxes, vacuum boxes, tractors, and end dump trailers. With an array of waste management services, we are capable of transporting industrial waste in bulk, totes, or drums. SES maintains the necessary permits and insurance to guarantee that our customer’s liabilities are limited.

Our emergency response team is also certified to remove of hazardous waste, and has a fleet of specialized equipment to ensure that your hazmat disposal is properly cared for.

 Drum Disposal