Metals and Minerals


Metals and Minerals

Our Experience Working in the Metals and Minerals Industries Is Second to None

As competition increases in metal and mineral related industries, companies are increasing focus on using quality and cost-effective service providers and suppliers. America’s largest manufacturing and industrial firms are turning to SES to meet their industrial cleaning and waste management needs.

We have a depth of experience in this industry. We are professional, responsive, and informed. Whether you work as the plant manager for a steel mill, or an environmental compliance professional in the concrete industry, we can guarantee a simple, rapid, and competitive quote.

Comprehensive Services to Fit Your Needs

General cleanup
Cooling tower cleaning
Tank cleanings
Reclamation tunnels
Electrostatic precipitator cleaning
Building and roof decontamination
Landfill and leachate management services
Material handling system

Thermal oxidizer units
Lower chamber and web cleanings
Duct work and bagger lines
Lab packs
Resin line and pipe cleaning
Cooling towers
Mat machines
Oven cleanings
Tank cleanings
Cullet tanks and pits
Line lancing

Cooling towers
Tanks cleanings
Sludge pits
Acid tank cleanings
Screen filter cleaning

Cooling towers
Conveyor cleaning
Screen cleaning
Line lancing
Roughing and finishing mills
Boiler houses