Our Promise

At Superior Environmental Solutions, we take pride in our commitment to the safety and well-being of our dedicated team members and contractors, our valued business visitors, and the community at large.

SES Safety Philosophy

At SES, we are committed to safeguarding the safety and health of our employees, those involved with our operations, customers, and the public. The solution resides in three relentless endeavors: an unwavering commitment to best-practice safety procedures, rigorous standards, and contemporary technology.

SES Safety Principles

Safe Practices

All SES employees ensure a safe workplace by consistently promoting and following safety protocols.

Open Feedback

All SES employees are expected to give and accept both positive and constructive feedback regarding safety, health, and the work environment.

Elevating Safety Through Management

SES conducts thorough safety training and audits, both vital elements to ensure workplace safety.

Workplace Safety Learning Environment

SES diligently investigates all losses or near losses with injury potential to apply lessons learned to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

Assess, Analyze, Act 

SES actively engages in proactive measures to prevent injuries and occupational illnesses by thoroughly assessing risks, understanding their consequences and implementing corrective actions.

Embracing Safety 

Making safety a conscious choice and a resolute condition of SES employment underscores our commitment to a safe and thriving work environment.

Collective Commitment to Safety 

Safeguarding our people and workplace is a shared responsibility that everyone actively contributes to. 

Unified Accountability for Safety

Both management and employees share equal responsibility and accountability in preventing injuries and occupational illnesses. 

Optimizing Performance through Proactive Risk Mitigation

SES is serious about safety. We use a top-notch system, LPS+TM, to prevent losses using both human and organizational performance principles. Active management of personnel safety, process safety, reliability, and more are integrated into this system. Along with our safety philosophy and values, SES is a safety and risk reduction leader in the industry.

Superior Environmental Solutions is committed to fostering a safe and substance-free work environment. We conduct thorough pre-employment screenings, assessments based on reasonable suspicion, random checks, and incident and near-miss drug and alcohol testing.