Solvent Reuse

Solvent Reuse

Unique Solvent-Reuse Program Extends the Life of Solvent Waste Through a Continued-Use Process

Companies are constantly looking for ways to reduce their hazardous-waste output, to reach their sustainability goals and even to lower their EPA generator status. It’s an ongoing and sometimes difficult process.

Superior Environmental Solutions (SES) provides a unique solvent-reuse program that extends the life of solvent waste through a continued-use process that allows for the potential reduction of your EPA generator status. It is an ideal program for companies looking to decrease their environmental footprint.


Our ISO 14001-Approved Process Turns Solvent Waste Into Usable Products

Our ISO 14001-approved process takes solvent waste that would otherwise be classified as hazardous waste, and reclassifies the spent solvent as a continued-use material that is used in industrial cleaning. SES manages volumes ranging from single drum to bulk quantities. Recognized and approved by many state environmental agencies, our continued-use solvent program is one of our customers’ most-valued services.