Bin and Silo Cleaning


 Bin and Silo Cleaning

Expert Bin and Silo Cleaning Utilizing BinWhip Technology

When buildup, plugging, blockages, rat-holing or bridging of bulk solids in bins and silos disrupts your operations, productivity goes down and costs increase. You need immediate help from experts with the knowledge, equipment and expertise to handle the bin or silo cleaning job and do it right.

Superior Environmental Solutions (SES) has the experience and technologies to handle the toughest bin and silo cleaning project. Our BinWhip service allows for a safe, efficient and dry-cleaning method that will bring your storage unit back to full working capacity. Eliminating the need for confined-space entry, our process will safely remove buildup, recover lost material, maximize flow, and regain lost storage capacity in your bins and silos.


For plugging or bridging issues, SES utilizes the BinDrill. The BinDrill is the safest, most-effective way to break through bridged material in bulk-storage vessels. Fast and easy to use, the BinDrill reduces lost production time and is also cost effective.

The SES Bin and Silo Cleaning Process

Is Safe, Effective and Efficient

Bore through any material to get product flowing
Keep personnel safe and out of confined spaces
Easy to handle
All-hydraulic power
Precision controlled

The SES bin and silo cleaning solution utilizing BinWhip and BinDrill technologies is your answer to even rock-hard material buildup or blockage issues, to free up your product safely and efficiently.