Product Destruction


Product Destruction

Recognized Leader in Product Destruction

Your company’s brand and reputation can instantly diminish and liabilities can skyrocket if your unuseable products or confidential materials get into the wrong hands. You not only need a secure disposal option that destroys the products or materials, but one that also protects the integrity of your company.

Superior Environmental Solutions (SES) is the recognized leader in product destruction, offering options for disassembly, shredding, complete destruction and recycling for all final materials. You can trust that your products are received and processed securely, as promised through verified certificates of destruction or other protective methods.

We can offer customized programs for large retailers and warehouse operations, all managed in the most cost-efficient methods. Our customers receive maximum value back, through rebates based on respected industry publications and large material processing volumes.

Materials We Process Include:

Recalled products
Expired/outdated goods
Discontinued products
Overstocked products
Automotive parts, including safety devices
Large-format lithium batteries and fuel cell stacks
Consumer appliances and electronics
Plastic scrap
Manufacturing tooling dies and jigs
Pharmaceutical waste

Complete Destruction and Recycling of Safety Devices for Manufacturers, Auto Dealerships and TSDFs

Our proprietary patented shredding and recycling process is the most environmentally friendly solution that provides 100 percent recycling of inflators, airbags and pretensioners. SES has shredded and recycled millions of airbag inflators, modules and canisters, providing a low-cost solution with zero-landfill results for our customers.

We understand the need for stringent oversight and complete disposal. We have serial-number tracking capability—with proof of destruction via inbound and outbound weights of parts and packaging—and the ability to follow scrap streams in person, as required, and we maintain complete compliance with federal and state environmental regulations.

  • Safety-device manufacturers and parts suppliers – Our high-volume processing capabilities ensure we can easily handle all your recalled, overstock, outdated or defective safety devices.
  • Treatment, storage and disposal facilities (TSDFs) – We are the go-to source for TSDFs for handling any waste product that contains a propellant.
  • Automotive dealerships – Our mail-back program is the easiest, most-convenient way for auto dealerships to securely dispose of and properly recycle safety devices that cannot be returned to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Vehicle Disassembly for Automotive Manufacturers

SES processes discarded vehicles resulting from end-of-life or research-and-development activities. Our processing includes:

  • Acceptance and storage of vehicles
  • Removal and proper disposal of hazardous materials
  • Dismantling for additional value-added scrap streams and vehicle shredding
  • Closed-loop reporting

Automotive manufacturers benefit from our experienced technicians, specialized equipment for worker safety, environmentally sound processes, and recovery of materials and components at maximum market-driven values.


Crate and Cage Repair for Original Equipment Manufacturers

SES restores and repairs large cages and crates that are used for product transport and storage. We restore damaged containers to maximize productive life and minimize replacement cost. Repairs can be accomplished on- or off-site to meet turnaround requirements.

Support functions include certified welding and sourcing and replacement of hard-to-find component parts that meet OEM specifications. We also partner with machine shops to replicate components that can no longer be supplied.

Our inventory-control systems, with monthly reporting capabilities for repair cost and budget status, ensure complete transparency related to cost and processing.

Why Choose Superior Environmental Solutions to Securely Destroy and Recycle Your Products?

The SES commitment to innovation means we work to devise systems and processes that provide customers with the highest level of security and the lowest cost. We provide detailed cost and rebate information to maximize understanding of any business proposals. We are committed to brand security and the reputation of every customer.

Our operations are fully permitted and secure, including EPA and ATF certifications and 24/7 surveillance. We are dedicated to the environment and help customers work toward zero-landfill through our environmentally friendly processing solutions. Where feasible, SES works with material processors that can refine these materials for reuse in manufacturing new products, thereby achieving a circular use of recycled materials.

Our reputation is built on integrity, to ensure customers have the confidence and peace of mind to know their materials are processed in the most secure and responsible manner. Given this reputation and expertise, we have been recognized by major manufacturers.