Transportation and Waste Disposal


Transportation and Waste Disposal

Transportation and Waste Disposal Provided by Experts Experienced in Hazardous and Non-hazardous Waste

As a RCRA-regulated generator of hazardous waste, you know you are responsible for the waste from cradle-to-grave. This means you need to be sure the transportation and waste-disposal provider you choose not only has the necessary permits to transport and dispose of your hazardous waste, but also the expertise and experience to ensure it is handled flawlessly.

Superior Environmental Solutions (SES) is licensed to transport and dispose of non-hazardous- and RCRA hazardous waste. This allows us to service all waste-removal needs in one easy pickup. SES maintains the necessary permits and insurance to guarantee we reduce customers’ liability.

Our focus is on safety, service and ensuring your hazardous and non-hazardous waste is transported and disposed of in the most responsible manner.

Extensive Fleet Driven by Highly Trained, Experienced Drivers

Our extensive fleet of van trailers, vacuum trucks and tankers, roll-off trucks, roll-off and compactor boxes, vacuum boxes, tractors and end dump trailers is driven by highly trained, experienced drivers.

With an array of waste-management services, we can transport industrial waste in bulk, totes and drums.

Our emergency response team is also certified to remove hazardous waste and has a fleet of specialized equipment to ensure that your hazardous materials are properly transported and disposed of.