Airbag Destruction & Recycling


Airbag Destruction & Recycling


Discover the Benefits: Why Choose SES?

Environmentally Conscious & Secure Solution

SES offers an innovative, proprietary solution for airbag destruction, 100% recycling, and disposal, ensuring both environmental sustainability and security with round-the-clock surveillance.

Federal, State & Local Processing
Permitting & Compliant Logistics

SES holds all necessary permits for accepting recalled or surplus inflators and modules, ensuring secure storage, handling, processing, and logistics management.

EPA - Final Federal Permit Title Pages 09262022

ATF Permit 092917

Robust Processing & Disposal Capacity

With over 40 million pounds of airbag modules and inflators processed since 2015, SES possesses the expertise and capacity to address all your airbag needs effectively without geographical boundaries.

Proven Performance &
Unparalleled Industry Expertise

SES is globally recognized as the leader in sustainable airbag module and inflator destruction management. Backed by decades of expertise in environmental and automotive sectors, our leadership team delivers tailored solutions for automotive recalls, inventory liquidation, and routine servicing.

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