Petroleum Refining, Storage, and Transportation

However you work with petroleum and petroleum products, some amount of cleaning will be required. Given the price fluctuations in the industry, many companies are cutting costs by seeking different service providers who offer a more competitive rate. SES offers a cost effective service without reducing quality.

Our employees are trained to the highest standards, and we have one of the newest and most advanced equipment fleets in the industry.

Take a look at the sub-industries below to see some examples of the types of work that we can perform. This is not a complete list, so contact us today to see how we can help you.


Asphalt Production Operations

Pickup and Transport of Boxes

Our fleet of rolloff trucks can come pick up and transport any boxes that you have. We offer competitive rates on waste disposal, and can meet any level of waste hauling that you might need.

Coke Producers

Reclamation Tunnels

We go into the tunnel clean the product with our high power vac trucks. If any water gets in the tunnels, we can clean that out as well.

Oil Processors

Oil Water Separators

After the water is pumped out of the pit, we can go in and vacuum out the remaining sludge and complete a final rinse down with a hot pressure washer.

Petroleum Refiners

Cleaning of Cooling Towers

Regardless of the configuration of your cooling tower, we take care to clean all parts, including fins, nozzles, sumps, etc.

Pipelines and Terminals

General Tank Cleanings

Our trained crews can clean anything that you have at your pipeline and terminal facility. We have highly trained confined space entry and rescue crews, and also a wide variety of automated equipment that allows us to clean many tanks without even requiring confined space.