Lab Packs

Lab Packs

Expert Lab Packing to Safely Categorize, Pack, Transport and Dispose of All Your Lab Chemicals

Over time, companies can accumulate chemicals that are out of date, contaminated, partially used, leaking, or simply no longer needed. These chemicals can be sorted and segregated according to RCRA and DOT regulations and shipped out as labpacks.

Superior Environmental Solutions (SES) provides expert lab packing services to safely categorize, pack, transport and dispose of all your chemicals, on a routine or emergency basis. Our lab pack teams are made up of highly trained environmental experts, experienced in all facets of lab packing.

Chemicals ranging from vials to five-gallon containers are identified, segregated and grouped according to DOT and RCRA guidelines, allowing your lab pack waste to be shipped off-site for disposal in the most efficient manner.

Customized Lab Pack Solutions, Tailored to Your Needs

SES has many lab pack solutions, no matter the size of your company or type of materials. We will customize a program to fit your needs.