Reduce Your Risk and Liability by Reusing Materials to Produce Energy

Often non-hazardous items that cannot be recycled and may be questionable for landfill can be used as fuel in boilers to provide steam power for metropolitan areas. This waste-to-energy process allows you to reduce your environmental footprint and work to achieve zero-landfill.

Superior Environmental Solutions (SES) provides the collection containers and will transport your non-hazardous materials to a waste-to-energy facility. We’ll consult with you to identify all waste materials in your facility that are suitable for the waste-to-energy process.

Our waste to energy programs will reduce your company’s risk and liability and are ISO 14001 approved.


The Waste-To-Energy Process

  • Turn non-hazardous waste into fuel
  • Fuel boilers to provide steam power for metropolitan areas

Materials Suitable for Waste-To-Energy Include:

Oily absorbents
Excluded solvent contaminated wipes
Paint liners and debris
General plant trash – bulk or non-bulk
Nonhazardous solids and liquids