Sponge Blasting


Sponge Blasting

Safely Remove Deposits, Extend Surface and Coating Life, and Reduce Maintenance Costs

When sensitive equipment or surfaces need to be cleaned without water or liquid cleaning chemicals, you need a safe and effective cleaning alternative.

At Superior Environmental Solutions (SES), we are experts in sponge blasting. Sponge blasting is a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional dry blasting, as it is waterless and uses no additional chemicals. Our process safely removes deposits, extends surface and coating life, and reduces maintenance costs.

Cleans the Most-Sensitive to the Toughest Surfaces, While Minimizing Waste

Micro-abrasive particles are embedded in synthetic sponges to clean surfaces through pneumatic propulsion in a similar way as hydro blasting or sandblasting. The technology is low-dust and low-ricochet. Twenty-plus sizes and grades of abrasives can be used for the most-sensitive to the toughest surfaces (profile 0 to 150+ microns). The sponge media are regenerated for re-use up to 15 times, thereby minimizing waste.

Sponge Blasting Benefits

100 percent dry method
Eliminates cleaning chemicals
Significantly reduces dust levels—up to 98 percent
Minimizes waste
Reduces water consumption
Increases workplace safety
Increases surface and coating life
Saves time and money
Protects sensitive equipment

Applications for Sponge Blasting

The SES sponge blasting teams are highly trained experts, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to clean surfaces of all types efficiently, safely and effectively.
Cleaning sensitive equipment
Coating maintenance
Low-level decontamination