Hydro Excavation


Hydro Excavation

Safest, Most-Precise and Most-Efficient Way to Excavate

Excavation projects that require extra safety, precision and efficiency need alternatives to hard-edge digging. At Superior Environmental Solutions (SES), we are experts in hydro excavation. Our hydro excavation services are the safest, most-precise and most-efficient way to expose hidden facilities, excavate trenches and proficiently excavate holes in any weather condition, including frozen earth.


Specially Built Hydro Excavation Units and Highly Skilled and Trained Crews

Our specially built hydro excavation units and highly skilled and trained crews utilize pressurized water combined with high-velocity vacuum to rapidly cut through the ground to find and expose underground utilities, pipes or cables.

SES is the leader in hydro excavation services throughout the Midwest, with experience working in chemical plants, refineries, storage facilities and more.

Hydro Excavation Services Include:

SES excavates narrow trenches for installing utilities, drain tiles, cables, etc. Our perimeter-trenching services allow you to exactly find your utilities location.
We expose hidden utilities and equipment to allow for safe inspection, faster job time, and cost savings over traditional methods.
SES excavates holes of varying size and depth for all types of pole installation, including fence posts, signs, structural beams, and power and telephone poles. We can also remove poles with this method.
Our equipment safely and quickly penetrates frozen or frosted earth.