Metals and Minerals

As competition increases in metal and mineral related industries, companies are increasing focus on using quality and cost-effective service providers and suppliers. America’s largest manufacturing and industrial firms are turning to SES to meet their industrial cleaning and waste management needs.

We have a depth of experience in this industry. We are professional, responsive, and informed. Whether you work as the plant manager for a steel mill, or an environmental compliance professional in the concrete industry, we can guarantee a simple, rapid, and competitive quote.

Here are some of the sub-industries that we work in, and the types of jobs that we can service for you with our vacuum and waterblasting units. Click on the items to expand them and see more information.


Cement, Concrete, Lime, and Gypsum

General Cleanup

We clean up product that falls off the line, leaks, spills, and other waste generated by the manufacturing process.

Cooling Tower Cleaning

Cement dust settles inside, and we can waterblast the towers out to keep things running smoothly.

Tank Cleanings

We can remove slurry from product tanks. We can also clean fuel oil tanks.

Reclamation Tunnels

We go into the tunnel clean the klinker product and cement that falls off the line with our high power vac trucks. If any water gets in the tunnels, we can clean that out as well.

Electrostatic Precipitator Cleaning

Our confined space entry crews can wipe clean the panels in your system and vacuum out the hopper.

Building and Roof Decontamination

We remove built up reside from any surface in your facility with our waterblasters and vacuum trucks. This lightens the structural load on your building.

Landfill and Leachate Management Services

We can jet rod the leachate lines at your facility. This makes your landfill more efficient and clean, as requested by the EPA.


We clean, remove, and replace the bags in your baghouse using our CSE trained crews.

Material Handling Systems

We can clean all elements or your MHS, including Conveyors, Silos, and Piping. Our vac trucks are equipped with baghouses to reduce on-site air emissions.

Glass, Fiberglass, and Glass Products

Thermal Oxidizer Units

We vacuum ceramic packing/noodles from the system so you can regenerate quickly.

Lower Chamber and Web Cleanings

We vacuum the lower chamber, and wash the interior of the chamber. This gives you access to parts for maintenance and inspection.

Duct Work and Bagger Lines

We clean the duct work using specialized waterblaster nozzles, and do a controlled water cleaning to protect the bagger lines and keep them dry.


We remove built up residue from the surfaces of the system to renew the efficiency of the compactor.


We provide confined space entry crews to clean and re-bag your system.

Lab Packs

We can identify and consolidate off-spec and unused product, and then dispose of it for you. We can handle both non regulated material and also hazardous substances.

Resin Line and Pipe Cleaning

Our high powered waterblasters are perfect for lancing out your resin lines and other pipes.

Cooling Towers

Regardless of the configuration of your cooling tower, we take care to clean all parts, including fins, nozzles, sumps, etc. We are diligent to clean under the packing of your cooling tower.

Mat Machines

Mat machines require a more detailed cleaning than some things in your facility. We take care to clean all detailed components; like suctions tubes, rollers, white water tanks, separators and recirculator tanks, etc.

Oven Cleaning

We can remove burnt residue from oven boxes, flights, and conveyors. We even offer dry ice blasting for your ovens, which will not distort the surface of your equipment and it also eliminates water management.

Tank Cleanings

We can clean your tanks to remove off-spec product and provide waste materials management. We frequently use dewatering boxes to decant water and reduce the cost of disposal for you.

Cullet Tanks and Pits

We can remove cullet glass from the pit for reuse on-site or for off-site disposal.


We can clean out any line that you have. Our skilled lance operators use the right pressure, water flow, and specialized nozzles to guarantee a great line lancing result that can clean and clear any clogged or blocked piping.

Metal Finishing

Cooling Towers

Regardless of the configuration of your cooling tower, we take care to clean all parts, including fins, nozzles, sumps, etc. We are diligent to clean under the packing of your cooling tower. We can clean both contact and non-contact cooling towers.

Tank Cleanings

Our vacuum trucks, waterblasters, and automated equipment can clean all tanks that you might have at your facility. We are hazmat certified, and can handle both non-regulated and regulated products.

Sludge Pits

Our crews use appropriate confined space entry equipment and use a high power vacuum truck to remove all sludge material. Then we hot pressure wash the walls of the pit.

Acid Tank Cleaning

We can vacuum out your tanks, then pressure wash them clean. We will ensure that your tank is clean and the PH is correct so the job can be completed. Our personnel wear full acid suits, and are rigorously trained to ensure utmost safety.

Screen Filter Cleaning

We can pressure wash your screens to remove buildup and waste.

Steel Mills, Foundries, and Forgings

Cooling Towers

Regardless of the configuration of your cooling tower, we take care to clean all parts, including fins, nozzles, sumps, etc.

Conveyor Cleaning

Regardless of what your conveyor is carrying, we can get it clean. We take care to properly clean all bearings, belts, tracks, and every other critical conveyor component.


Deposits collect inside of the clarifier dome, inside the pipes, on the rakes, and sometimes on the floors and walls. As the build-up increases, efficiency decreases. These mineral deposits are very heavy, and if allowed to compile, they can burn-up motors and completely clog pipes. With high volume 20,000 p.s.i. waterjets, these hardened mineral deposits are quickly eliminated without damaging underlying coatings.


Whether you have coarse screen types or finer screens such as Static Wedgewire Screens, Rotary Drum Screens, or Step Screens we can handle them all.


Whether its rigid, flexible lancing, or line moling we have multiple methods to meet your needs.


SES will perform industrial cleaning for wet electrostatic precipitators, scrubbers, plates, Pickling Tank Cleaning, HCL tank cleaning, Bag Houses, etc.


We vacuum all the material out of the hopper down to the screws. We remove all buildup, and check for any hardness that might indicate dampness. We also do bag change-outs, and have lots of experience with any type of baghouse cleaning you need.

Boiler Houses

SES has the experience to clean all your tube needs from HVAC chiller tubes, steam and surface condenser tubes, fire tubes ,water tubes we also provide complete Boiler House industrial cleaning.