Power and Alternative Fuels

Despite a constantly shifting regulatory landscape, the Power and Alternative Fuel industry is thriving. Superior Environmental Solutions is equipped with a diverse fleet of equipment, highly trained personnel, and a focus on safe and cost effective solutions. We have extensive experience in power plants, ethanol production facilities, and other types of utility and power generation companies.

Below is a sample of the kinds of work that we can perform for your industry segment. This isn’t a comprehensive list, but should give you an idea of the types of work that we can complete for you.




We can clean both Ring Dryers and Rotary Dryers. We take care to clean all elements of your dryer, including fans, duct work, cyclones, drop boxes, and pre-separators.

RTO – Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

Our waterblasters and vac trucks can clean your RTO and TO fans and duct work. We have then manpower and equipment to get your job done quickly, safety, and efficiently.


Our highly trained equipment operators can get your evaporators cleaned perfectly. We utilize automated lance equipment whenever possible to increase the safety of the operations.


We can jet the tubes in your reboilers with our automated lance equipment, and also our highly trained personnel.

Grain Pits, Silos, and Storage Bins

Our wet/dry vacuum trucks are capable of cleaning out grain pits, silos, and storage bins. This is a good way to allow access to potentially clogged machinery.

Syrup and Corn Oil Lines

We can jet out these lines and get them perfectly clean. We will adjust the equipment used based on what is in the lines to attain maximum cleaning efficiency.

Scrubber Packing

We offer removal, cleaning, and replacement of the packing. We clean using a variety of methods depending on the situation; from hand cleaning to pressure washing.

Tank Cleanings

Syrup tanks, corn oil tanks, beer wells, fermentation tanks, ethanol tanks, denaturing tanks. We get them clean so they can be inspected. Confined space is required, and our teams are confined space trained and rescue trained. We offer transport services to remove sludge off-site.

Sieve Beads

Removal and replacement of sieve beads.

Power Generation Facilities

Boiler Washes

If there is a lot of material in a boiler, we will vacuum out the unit before washing the equipment down. This prevents the hoppers from getting clogged. Then we wash the backpass, the tubes, upper arches, and everything else down meticulously with firehouses and waterblasters, removing all the slag.

Scrubber System Cleanings

We are very familiar with cleaning scrubbers. We start by washing the inlet duct all the way to the tower, then shoot off the eyebrow with a waterblaster. We make sure to clean the header pipes and spray nozzles carefully. Then we clean the whole bottom of the tower with a vac truck. We can customize our cleaning depending on your specifications and needs.

Air Heater Baskets

We can wash your air heater baskets with a high volume pump. Higher water volume is more important than pressure so that we don’t damage the fins in the basket.

Inlet and Outlet Duct Cleanings

We can vacuum out your ducts. This is a fairly straightforward job that is usually done at the same time as the boiler cleaning.

SCR Cleaning

We vacuum everything off the top of the screens that are on the catalyst box, and then we remove the screens and install hoods. By blowing air through the bottom of the box, and vacuuming the hood, we can ensure a superior clean without damaging the catalyst.

Cooling Towers

We can vacuum all the sludge out of your cooling tower basins.

Ash Loading Stations

We vacuum off the conveyor belts, making sure to clean around the belts as well. Then we dust down the building to remove any other material.

Dust Busting

Our high-power vacuum trucks are capable of dust busting your facility. This keeps your building clean.

Oil Water Separators

After the water is pumped out of the pit, we can go in and vacuum out the remaining sludge and complete a final rinse down with a fire hose.

Precipitators Washes

We go in and vacuum the penthouse, slopes, and hoppers. We the wash down the curtains with firehouses. We can clean your precips in preparation for decommission if you are moving to a baghouse system.

Tank Cleanings

We can clean any tanks in your facility, such as lime slurry, diesel fuel, and anything else.


Drain Lines

We have numerous jet vac combo units, and these are very useful for process lines, drain lines, sewer lines, and other various types of pipes or lines that you have at your utility facility.


We remove the trench grate, then we vacuum out all sludge and solid material. After cleaning, we replace the trench grate.

Wash Bay Cleaning

After cleaning a lot of vehicles, your sumps and lines can get full and clogged. We can vacuum out the sumps and lance the lines to ensure your system is clean.


After the water is pumped out of the pit, we can go in and vacuum out the remaining sludge and complete a final rinse down with a pressure washer or firehose.