Hydro Excavation


Superior Environmental Solutions provides hydro excavation services to customers around the Midwest. Hydro excavation is an excavation technique that combines directed pressurized water with a vacuum to rapidly cut through the ground in order to find and expose underground utilities, piping, or cabling.

There are many hydro excavation applications, and SES is happy to provide a wide range of the following services:

Slot Trenching – SES can excavate narrow trenches for installing utilities, drain tiles, cabling, etc. Our perimeter trenching services allows you to locate and find exactly where your utilities are.

Daylighting – We expose your hidden utilities and equipment with our hydroexcavation equipment. This allows for safe inspecting, faster job time, and cost savings over traditional methods.

Piling Holes – SES can dig holes of varying size and depth for all types of pole installation: fence posts, signs, structural beams, power and telephone poles, etc. We can also remove poles with this method.

Cold Weather Digging – Our trucks are able to safely punch through frozen or frosted earth quickly.

Contact us to learn more about how our competitive hydro excavation services can help you save time and money.